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Long Sheet Sponge Cutting Machine

This Long Sheet Sponge Cutting Machine is mostly used for 5~100M sponge block and sponge blocks long sheet slicing. It is small footprint, the operation is simple and the production efficiency is high. It is the necessary equipment for continuously sponge production. If this machine fixed steel platform, the utilization ratio of sponge is enhanced.


  1. All the parts' quality checked strictly before assembling.

  2. The machine assembling workers trained carefully and obey all the assembling guide manual strictly.

  3. The machine will be tested carefully after finish assembling.

  4. The machine's design and electric control system meet international safe standard.

Main Technical Specification:

Model KX-1650 KX- 2150
1.Cutting foam width  W1650  W2150
2.Cutting foam height H1200 H1200
3.Cutting thickness  2~ 60mm  2~ 60mm
4.Cutting foam block lenght 5~100m 5~100m
5. Treading speed 0~90m/min 0~90m/min
6.Blade lenght L6780 mm L7780 mm
7.Total power 7.92Kw 7.92Kw
8.Mainframe weight: 1500Kg 1800Kg
9.Machine external size  L3550×W2640×H2350mm  L4050×W2640×H2350mm