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  • CNC Contour Sponge cutting machine

CNC Contour Sponge cutting machine

This CNF contour sponge cutting machine is a CNC formed cutter with strip wire knife or ragged vibrating knife. Fixed with automatic knife grinding equipment and using industrial Control computer and importing controlling system and driving parts from Japan, the machine has high speed and accuracy, Having separate rotational work table, can be used for separate cutting, And drawing software is used in the process therefore the operation is easy and convenient. It can be widely used on speedy and fine molding and cutting of sponge and vacuum material.


  1. All the parts' quality checked strictly before assembling.

  2. The machine assembling workers trained carefully and obey all the assembling guide manual strictly.

  3. The machine will be tested carefully after finish assembling.

  4. The machine's design and electric control system meet international safe standard.





Cutting Foam Size(L*W*H)

1000*1000*1200 (MM)

2000*2000*1200 (MM)

Cutting Wire Knife Length

5500 MM


Cutting Speed

0-40 M/MIN


Total Power

8.9 KW

8.9 KW

Machine Size(L*W*H)

3500*2000*2600 (MM)

4500*4000*2600 (MM)